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Stretching tips for busy moms​

  1. Warm up first. Just like taffy, muscles stretch more easily when warm. Try marching in place with arms swinging for five minutes or dancing to a few songs. Moist heat packs or a warm shower are also effective.

  2. Feel no pain. Only stretch to the point of mild tension, never to the point of pain. If a stretch hurts, stop immediately and reset your position carefully before trying again.

  3. Pay attention to posture and good form. Good form is key for better gains in flexibility and less likelihood of injury when stretching tight muscles.

  4. Focus on the muscle being stretched. You may notice that one side of your body is tighter than the other. Work on balancing this over time.

  5. Breathe. Remember to breathe comfortably while stretching, or use yoga breathing. Never hold your breath while holding a stretch.

  6. Practice often. The best gains will come from stretching frequently, ideally daily or on as many days of the week as possible. At the very least, aim to do stretches two or three times a week.

As a mom in Utah, stretching can be a great way to stay active and flexible while exploring the beautiful outdoors with your family. Incorporating stretching into your daily routine can improve your physical and mental well-being, and can help you enjoy all the great activities that Utah has to offer. So whether you’re hiking in the national parks, skiing on the mountains or just playing with your kids on the playground, stretching can help you keep up with your family and feel great doing it.

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